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Inadmissible is a small startup company that specializes in providing services to individuals who need assistance obtaining Temporary Visitor Permits to enter Canada from the United States. I teamed up with Sean Polden of Polden Consulting to design and develop visual communication assets including Inadmissible's brand identity and a fully responsive website.

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Branding & Logo

A palette of red, white and blue was chosen to highlight the significance of both countries and give a professional feel to the brand. Veering from a traditional serif font as the primary typeface, I chose Freight Sans Pro as the main font, and Freight Text Pro as a contrast for subheaders. Bebas Neue is used for large headers and buttons. Overall, the brand has a distinctly professional and masculine feel, while maintaining a modern, clean look.    
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Responsive Website

The website features large images and blocks of text, with a simple menu system, making the site easy to navigate.

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