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Kate Forest was in need of a refreshing new look for her self-care website.

The objective was to increase the number of new leads through the website.

To accomplish this I had 2 primary goals:

Firstly, create a refreshed new look to use throughout the entire brand that speaks to Kate’s audience. This included updating her logo and creating a new colour palette that is soft, welcoming and inviting.

Secondly, restructure and rebuild the website to invite visitors to learn about self-care and encourage them to engage in furthering their knowledge through online courses. This involved creating a WordPress multisite that is comprised of 4 different websites that have some shared content and some content that is unique to each of the client types that Kate serves:  Education, Business, Life and Self-Care Yoga.


  • Multi-site WordPress Website










You’ve made my website beautiful and I am grateful. I have seen this site evolve day by day, week by week, and month by month. The awe I feel is that after nearly two decades of dreaming about kateforest.com being so much more than it was, to now seeing the beauty in the light at the end of the tunnel. The beauty of kateforest.com being a platform to more fully support me in serving others through my work in the world, growing community, and connecting me with a creative outlet for my creation dreams. So thank you Jess for your persistence, patience, and insights in helping to make kateforest.com a powerful tool to help me bring greater peace and kindness to our world. 

Kate Forest

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