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Kitchens & Furniture

Refabulated offers a customized, affordable, environmentally friendly alternative to update existing cabinetry. The team uses specialized techniques and equipment to spray paint your cupboards and cabinets, helping you to fall in love with your kitchen again!




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The Brand & Logo

Michalea at Refabulated Painted Kitchens and Furniture was looking for a refabulation of her own branding to celebrate her business’ growth and future plans. Elegance and feminine charm combined with an antique chic flair were in order to freshen up the existing branding.  Purple and silver tones suggest sophistication and creativity while teal provides a pop of cool colour for contrast.




Branded Collateral

Along with the rebranding project, Refabulated needed a new business card design, as well as post cards for marketing.

The branding theme was carried over to the print materials to keep Refabulated’s image consistent.







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