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Karin Di Bella originally thought to try essential oils as a way to strengthen the memory process in practising the piano and thought to anchor this with retrieval of memories on stage. Basically, to have an aroma to use when practising and then again on stage in the hope that the olfactory connection would help with memory solidification and retrieval. What she found was not only did this help immensely, but she was able to practice in a significantly more efficient way too. Karin now employs various oils to assist in practising and also to manage nervousness on stage. Also, using essential oils and other natural products in everyday life helps keep some of the memory inhibitors out of the system, so that practising and memory are able to even more to work efficiently.

Karin discovery extends beyond performers, but this is a particular niche that is not being filled in the essential oil world (or the performing world). Performing can also extend into everyday life – speaking in front of a group, talking to and interacting with other people, leading a healthy lifestyle so you can stay at the top of your game in general. But Karin’s main audience is performers – efficiency in practising, management of performance anxiety, clarity and focus, memory processes and retrieval, and management of health in a non-toxic way to support the good work in the practice room and on stage.

We set out to create a unique brand around Karin’s specialty, with gender-neutral colours including green and black, and clean lines; something fun, professional and elegant. The logo design was inspired by a drawing that Karin’s daughter created, combining a grand piano and oil drop. I also created a business card and brochure to help Karin with her initial business marketing.


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“I know almost nothing about branding and design, and Jess made the process so easy and so much fun! She gets things done when she says she will, she has such great ideas, she listened to my needs in terms of design, feel and overall impression, and came up with so many gorgeous options. She listened carefully to my suggestions for modifications and always delivered results that were beyond my expectations. She also worked with me to stay within my budget in order to get what I needed. Thank you, Jess! It’s been so much fun and my products are beautiful!”

Karin Di Bella, The Essential Musician

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