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Did you know it is super easy to create your own custom email signature in about 10 minutes that you can load into Gmail?

If you’ve ever found yourself wishing you had a professional email signature like the ones you keep seeing in your inbox, this video is for you!

I used a free online tool called the Free Email Signature Generator by to create a customized signature, using one of their many templates. You can pick from templates that have different layouts, logo sizing, social media icons, and the ability to include a banner at the end of your signature. The generator allows you to enter your personal or business information, social media links, disclaimer text and customize your signature with your logo, branding colours.

Your logo and banner images need to be hosted online somewhere for them to display in someone’s inbox, not just on your local computer. I used to host my images for free and used the Direct Links code to grab the URL of the image for my email signature.

When you are done, click the “Apply Your Signature” button to get the code for your signature. Use the Gmail option to get the code you need, copy it to your clipboard and head over to your Gmail account. From there, you want to go to the gear icon > Settings > Signature (near the bottom of the first page). Paste your signature code in the text box and hit Save. That’s it!

🤔 Tell me: what do you want to learn about WordPress, Canva, MailChimp or other techie stuff? Let me know in the comments and I will create a quick video tutorial like this one!


Tools used in this video: Free Email Signature Generator Free Image hosting

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