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In Resizing images in Canva for Work – Part 1, I demonstrated Canva’s awesome “Automagic” resizing option that allows you to make a copy of an existing design in one of their preset sizes. This is great if you want to resize (for example) an Instagram post to a Facebook Cover size. Just select the preset you need, and then Canva does the work to create a new file with your artwork at the proper size. From there, you just need to adjust the placement of your images and text to make it perfect! A real time-saver!

In Part 2 I’ll show you how to resize your image to a custom size. You’ll need the paid version (Canva for Work) to use this option. This works similarly to the Automagic resizing, except that you’ll want to make a copy of your design first and resize the copy, otherwise you’ll change your file.

🤔 Tell me: what do you want to learn in Canva? Let me know in the comments and I will create a quick video tutorial like this one!

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