Custom Website Design

Beautiful digital spaces that connect with your audience.

You deserve a website that is designed to grow with your business, simply and elegantly, and built so that you can easily add new content, integrate marketing funnels and make changes whenever you want.

I create websites for entrepreneurs who are passionate about making a difference

Is this you?

You are embarrassed to send anyone to your website because it is outdated. You are concerned that it doesn’t look professional or personal enough and your dream audience won’t take your business seriously. It’s time to go pro!

You’ve got an okay website, but it is built on a template and looks like everyone else’s. It doesn’t reflect your brand – the look, language and feel of the site are all “off”, not to mention it’s not really getting new leads or business. You’re ready to have an online home that stands out from your competition!

You have a vision for your business. You want to reach more people and show them what you have to offer. You need a way to attract your ideal client, generate leads and make sales. You need more than a website, you need a custom solution that will do exactly what you want so you can bring your business to life!

You need more than just a pretty website.

Together, we will develop a website strategy that will be used to plan, design and build your website.

You deserve it all

It is absolutely possible to have a website you can be proud to show off!

You can have a  website that accurately represents your business culture, branding and message and makes you look better than your competition (you already know you are) !

You can have a site that looks professional and gets your dream audience scrambling to work with you!

You can have a website that saves you time, gets you noticed and makes money.

I can help.

Some of my favourite projects

I’ve had the opportunity to work with some amazing entrepreneurs over the years; these are just a few of my favourite projects!

Website Features

Every website is designed with your business goals in mind and built for strategic growth


Website Planning Guide

Your answers to the questions in my Website Planning Guide helps me design and build the best website solution for you based on your business needs and goals.


Consultation & Collaboration

My goal is to make this an easy process for you. We will kick off the project with a 1-hour consultation and planning session plus you will be able to see where I am in the project and what’s coming up next through my client portal.

Design & Development

Leave the artsy and techy stuff to me! Aside from your feedback on design direction and functionality, you can sit back and let me take over the design and development of your new website.

Built on WordPress

Devote more time to running your business and less time on technology, product development or design. You’ll have a website that is flexible enough to allow for easy updates and changes, with tools that will help you market your business and grow it.

Content Creation & SEO

Don’t worry about writing all of the content for your website! With the guidance of your answers in the Website Planning Guide I will create all of your website content for you! Basic on-page SEO is applied to each page to help Google rank you higher in search results right away. 

Training & Support

I will train you on how to use your new website and you will have access to a video library of short tutorials, right from your website dashboard! I also offer 1-month post-launch support to help you if you get stuck or to fix any bugs that might pop up.

Website Packages

Whether you are looking for a website or need an entire branding and website package, you’ve got options!

Not sure what package is right for you?

No problem! Fill out the inquiry form when you schedule a Discovery Call and I can create a custom proposal for you.

Any questions?

How long does the process usually take from start to finish?

The Short & Sweet one-page website is done for you within 3 business days of design approval and receiving all content.

The Polished & Professional is completed in 5 business days of design approval and receiving all content.

Both timelines are based on our agreed-upon start date and having your entire Website Planning Guide completed and handed back to me in advance.

If you need additional features, please book a Discovery Call to discuss additional fees and timelines.

I'm launching in a month! Do you do rush jobs?

Short answer: it depends.

Long answer: For the most part, I am booked in advance since I only book a few projects each month, however, there may be times where I have an opening to work on a rush project. Rush fees will apply, but please reach out to get the conversation started.

What's the difference between the Short & Sweet and Polished & Professional website packages?

The Short & Sweet package is meant to get your business, product or service launched quickly with a single landing page style website. This option is perfect for new businesses that need a simple online presence to start,or as a landing page for standalone services and products.

The Polished & Professional package is a full website with up to 5 pages, ideal for businesses who are ready to have a stronger presence online, or who have multiple sevices or products to offer.

Are there any additional costs not included in the website package?

The website pricing includes the cost of the licences to the software I use to build your site, for as long as I am hosting your website or you are on a Website Care Plan.

If you are hosting your own site, you will need to purchase the licences for these tools (listed below in the Tech section).

Depending on the additional features you add to your website, there may be extra costs involved with purchasing the tools required which we can discuss during our discovery meeting.

Do I need a Website Care Plan?

Absolutely! Your website needs regular maintenance just like your car or house. While I do provide you with 1:1 training, a user manual and videos in your dashboard, I understand that you may not have the time or inclination to maintain your website. I offer Website Care Plans to keep your website secure, up-to-date and running as fast as possible.

A  maintenance plan is the best way to ensure that your site remains safe and secure. For a low monthly fee, you can rest assured that your site is taken care of and if anything goes wrong I will be able to fix it quickly. Without a maintenance plan, any updates, backups, or fixes are billed hourly at $100 per hour.

Do I get any revisions?

Yes, you’ll have up to two rounds of revisions, however I find most of my clients only need one round of minor revisions because I strive to create something you’ll love the first time!

How will we communicate during the project?

Prior to the website build, we will communicate through email, and we will likely use email during the website build week as well.

I also have a commenting system built right into the website during the build so that you can leave feedback for specific page elements right on the website (cool!)

The first day or two, I will need you to check on the site frequently – the more feedback I get eraly on, the more I can complete during our week. After that, you can kick back and let me do my thing and I’ll send you updates as I go. 

What if I'm not happy with the website? Do you offer refunds?

I’ve never had a client who wasn’t happy with their website! I work hard to give you a site that you love, so please start sending me feedback from day 1 so we can make sure you are not disappointed.

You are getting my undivided attention during the project week; I do not book other projects during this time and your payment secures this slot in my calendar so I can turn down other projects. For this reason, no refunds are available from the time you book your project (including during or after the project).

How do I tell you want I want, like, need?

When you book your project, I will send you a Website Planning Guide that contains questions about your business, your clients and your style preferences. yes, it is a litle bit of homework for you, but I promise that it will help me deliver an amazing website that you will adore! Your answers will also be used to guide me in the creation of your content, which will save you a ton of time.

We will also hop on a video call to start things off and get to know each other. This helps me understand your vibe and come up with a design that reflects your personality.

You're going to write my content too??

Yes!! Content is the #1 thing that holds up a website launch and can drag out a project for months. Let’s not do that, please! 

Your answers in the Website Planning Guide will help me create strategic website content quickly, so we can get your site out to the world ASAP. I’ll be adding the content to your site as I build the pages, so you will know exactly how each page will flow.

You’ll be able to make suggestions to revise the content during the project, and since the site is built on WordPress, you can easily change or update the content at any time after launch.