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Today, we’re taking a dive into our new in-house design services. Branding and web design are still the core of our business, but we’ve found that many of our clients need support after our initial projects are finished. And while most businesses have a need for the ongoing support of a graphic designer, hiring an in-house designer or creative department can be expensive, risky and serious overkill for the small and medium businesses we work with.

This is where our Creative Design Retainer services come in. Starting at $225 per month (and with options available for different business needs and budgets), Brand Web Design provides design services on retainer, giving you the same professional design, fast-turnaround and support that you would get with having an in-house designer, but without the expenses, commitment and hassle of hiring and management.

Not sure what an on-call designer can help you with? I’ve put together a list of 30 projects that we can tackle for you! Here are the first 5:

#1 Blog Post Graphics

Blog Post Graphics

You know you need perfectly on-brand graphics to accompany each post, but who has the time or design know-how to create them every time? Send us a list of your upcoming posts, and we’ll put together all your blog or social media images in advance. If you like to post on-the-fly, ask for a custom template that you can use each time to keep your graphics consistent.

#2 Email Marketing Setup

Email Marketing Setup

Your email marketing is an important part of the brand experience you set up for your clients. Your designer can create custom templates for you to use with your MailChimp, AWeber or other email service, from the initial opt-in through every email you send.


#3 Welcome Packages

Welcome Packages

Make a great first impression when you welcome new clients to your business, with beautifully designed tools and information pieces, along with a personal greeting or gift from you.

#4 Social Media Graphics

Social Media Graphics

Just like customizing your blog posts, your designer can create a series of images to share on social media. This could be anything from inspirational quotes, announcements, blog posts or recent work. Just need a hand getting started? We can create versatile templates for you to use to create your own posts on-the-fly.

#5 Social Media Buttons

Social Media Buttons

Are you using the default buttons that came with your website theme or plugin? Brand your blog or website with customized social media buttons that match your brand’s style.

This is just 5 of the 30 ideas I have listed out. You can, of course, request projects outside of this list – we’re always happy to tackle new challenges!

Take a look at more information about our Creative Design Retainer packages, including rates and other FAQ, or set up a call if you’re ready to get started! At this time we have limited spots available for retainer clients, so don’t wait to get in touch.

Tell us in the comments: What projects would you offload to a professional graphic designer?

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