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With so many demands on your schedule, wouldn’t it be nice to find some time saving tools that help you to be more productive and come out on top of the competition?

Whether you need a tool to help you schedule your time, manage projects, clients, files or finances, or create social media and blog images, there are countless apps available online, many which are free (or cheap). Ironically, finding the best time saving tools can be time consuming, not to mention frustrating!

We have tested dozens of different apps and tools in our quest to save time and money and streamline our workflow. We have compiled some of our tried and true favourites here to save you from having to dig around the internet in search of the best resources. You may want to bookmark this page to refer to later!




Organization & Productivity

Time is tight when you are running a business, use it effectively! Apps that help you organize your projects and files ultimately help you save time.

1 Dropbox   Cloud based storage you can reach from any device. Share folders or single files and earn free space from referrals.

2 Google Drive   Store, share and even create files online. All you need is a Gmail account.


All of these tools can be accessed from your computer, tablet or mobile device so you can be productive wherever you are.

3 Asana   Create and track projects across your whole team. Super simple to set up and use.

4 Evernote   Perfect for notes, keeping track of project documents and images, collecting inspiration or for planning

5 Pinterest  Not just for Super Moms or creatives. Pinterest is a “visual bookmarking tool that helps you discover and save creative ideas”, great for gathering inspiration for your next product, event or branding.

6 IFTTT  If This Then That connects your apps to streamline your workflow. Use their pre-made “recipes” or create your own.

7 Pocket  This app allows you to save articles, videos, and just about anything else to view later. A great way to curate content for social media or your blog, or just for yourself.


Invoices, Estimates, Finances

Finance tools for entrepreneursInvoicing, estimates, customer management, banking… everyday mundane tasks that can lead to big hassles if not done correctly. Especially at tax time.

8 FreshBooks  Invoices, estimates, projects and reports – this is a very user-friendly accounting software for small business owners.

9 Mint  This app tracks your finances across your bank accounts and credit cards, helps you create budgets and even tracks your bills.

10 HubSpot CRM   Manage your clients, prospects, proposals and even track your email all through this program.

11 Bidsketch Create professional proposals in a fraction of the time. Save your most-used services or products and build customized templates for different types of proposals so you can generate an impressive estimate for your prospective clients.

Social Media & Communication

There are so many ways to keep in touch with your clients and get in front of your target market. Social media and email are both great avenues for reaching out to your clients.

12 Skype  Use Skype for more than video calls with your cousin in Scotland. How about meetings with remote clients or team members, or even just to cut down on driving time for meetings?

13 Hootsuite  Manage your social media networks, schedule posts and view how your audience is interacting with you all from one dashboard. Pair it up with Hootsuite Suggestions to quickly curate relevant content based on your preferences that you can quickly share across your networks.

14 Buffer Another social media management tool that even tells you the best time of day to schedule your posts based on your audience interaction on your networks (or customize your schedule).

15 MailChimp  Super customizable and easy to use email campaign and automation software. Lots of options available in the free version, and the paid version pricing can be scaled based on your list size. Create opt-in forms that can easily be added to your website and build your email list.

16 Sidekick  HubSpot’s pal Sidekick provides you with real-time notifications of when your email is opened by clients, making it easy to follow up. Track email threads. Use the web app in Chrome or integrate it with your favourite email program.

17 Periscope   An interesting way to get in front of your audience. Host real-time videos to reach out to your clients and fans – offer short messages, lessons and tips from wherever you are.

Graphic Design

Graphic design tools for entrepreneursIf you are managing your own social media accounts or building your own email campaigns, you’ll need to create eye-catching graphics to go along with your message. Or maybe you need to quickly create a snazzy looking presentation or poster. These tools are made for the non-designer – you’ll be whipping up some fancy images in no time!

18 Canva  Drag-and-drop image creator that helps you design beautiful, professional looking visuals for documents and social media.

19 PicMonkey  Another great online tool for editing photos and creating eye-catching graphics.

20 Prezi  Create fun, interactive slide presentations using their library of unique templates. The mobile app allows you to use your device to control a live presentation.

21 Rhonna   A great photo editing app for mobile devices (not free, but only $1.99 in the app store). Create customized graphics on the go!

Stock Images

You don’t need a subscription to a stock photo service to create beautiful blog or social media images. Snag some awesome free photos from these sites instead! High quality, and definitely not your average stock photos. Here are our favourite free stock photography sites:

22 PicJumbo

23 Unsplash

24 Gratisography

25 Jay Mantri

26 Magdeleine

27 Pexels


Free font resources for entrepreneursThose system default fonts are probably getting pretty boring by now… why not jazz up your reports and images with some fun new typefaces? These sites offer a plethora of free downloadable fonts for desktop and web use.

28 Dafont

29 Font Squirrel

30 Abstract Fonts


With all the free resources available to entrepreneurs today, there is something for every business, every task. Let us know in the comments below how these tools work for you, or if there are others you would recommend!

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With all the free resources available to entrepreneurs today, there is something for every business, every task. Let us know in the comments below how these tools work for you, or if there are others you would recommend!

4 thoughts on “30 Time Saving Tools for Entrepreneurs”
  1. Royce Cayden says:

    Great article. As an entrepreneur i’m always trying to manage my time in the best way possible. What I have found to be the ultimate productivity hack is to setup a personalized browser start page with all the links and RSS feeds I frequently use. I’m using https://start.me for this and it saves me a few hours per week easily.

    1. That’s a great idea! Having all of your most visited websites in one place definitely saves a lot of time.

  2. Great article Jessica! Very useful info. I really enjoy “Pocket”. I’m constantly finding myself inspired by articles or posts that I want to put in one place and this app is great for that!
    Thanks again for the great tips…Im going to try Canva Next!

    1. I love Pocket for collecting articles to share or just to read later! Canva is a great tool for creating social media graphics, you’ll love it.

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