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Vernacular, buzzwords, slanguage, mumbo jumbo, shop talk.

Every industry has its own vocabulary, composed of words and terms that are used by professionals in that field. This lexicon is often used between the pros to show their knowledge of the subject when speaking to their peers. Nothing wrong with that. When you are speaking to your clients though, do these same terms make their eyes glaze over? Do they nod politely, pretending to understand what you are talking about when in fact, they have no idea?

Keep in mind that your client’s understanding of what you do and of the various terms and concepts you use is not the same as someone in your field. This includes visitors of your website! Your website content needs to engage visitors and make them feel like they understand you, and that you understand them.

Check out today’s SEO tip on how to avoid jargon on your website, and what you can do instead to make sure you aren’t losing customers with your lingo!

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