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Your business may be missing out if your website is not responsive.

2015 saw mobile devices take the lead in digital media time, with 52% of internet use in Canada coming from cell phones and tablets


What is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive Design, or Responsive Web Design (RWD) is an approach that uses proportion-based grids, and flexible images with varying style rules to deliver optimal user experiences across a range of devices (desktop, tablet and phone) while maintaining the same content structure. In short, the website shrinks or grows according to the size of the device.

According to research by digital measurement firm comScore, as of 2015, over half of Canadians use their phones and tablets to look for products and services online. If the number in the United States is any indication (currently 61%) we can expect that number to continue to grow. What does that mean for your business?

52% of digital media time in Canada comes from mobile devices

If your website is not easily viewable on mobile devices, you may actually be deterring potential customers from your product or service. 34% of Canada’s Top 100 digital properties (sites like Facebook, WordPress, Cineplex and Apple) audiences visit ONLY through mobile platforms. That means without a properly optimized website for mobile use, you could potentially turn away one-third of your audience. If the majority of your potential customers use only mobile platforms to access the internet, you could be turning away a larger number (Canadians aged 18-34 use mobile devices for 66.6% of their internet time, vs 48.6% of Canadians aged 35+).

Screenshot of Google's Mobile-Friendly Test | Brand Web Design

Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test Tool can tell you how Googlebot sees your page.

Investing in a responsive web design will not only increase your reach, it will also help you perform better in search engine rankings. As of April 21 2015, Google’s algorithms now take into account whether or not your website is mobile-friendly, and they have specifically stated that responsive web design is preferred over other mobile design methods. (Check out how your own website stacks up for mobile devices with Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test).


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